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here are some download links to books i like! as always, if you enjoy these books, i highly recommend paying money for them in a way that will encourage the authors to write more. that said, i am a big fan of being able to enjoy books even if you don't have money to spend on them, so. if you just want me to shut up and take your nonexistent money, here's my whole books folder, which you can peruse at your pleasure. if you want to hear more about the latest uploads, read on!

holy feast & holy fast by caroline walker bynum -- dense, fascinating book about medieval women's relationship with food and spirituality.

god's philosophers by james hannam -- i only regret having this as an ebook instead of hard copy because it's harder to throw at the heads of people who call the middle ages "the dark ages." conversational book about how everything popular wisdom tells you about medieval science is bullshit.

the letters and other writings of abelard & heloise -- includes the letters found in 1999 that may or may not actually be theirs, but were between a well-educated pair of lovers, so why the hell not, i say.

visions and longings by monica furlong -- a lot of primary texts by medieval women mystics, including my buddy margery kempe, possibly the most literal and down-to-earth mystic ever.

doctors from hell by vivien spitz -- the trials of nazi doctors, broken up by tales of the young transcriptionist's life while she was working on them.

intense minds by tracy anglada -- childhood bipolar disorder as described, almost entirely, by people who actually have it.

mariel cove: the complete first season -- a porny lesbian soap opera, with a ton of diversity and disability!

mariel cove: season 2, volume 1 the series continues!

mariel cove: season 2, volume 2 more in the series! ends on a cliffhanger that takes a sudden sharp turn to the paranormal.

macho sluts by patrick califia -- short, kinky erotic fiction that dives right into a lot of complicated gender stuff.

cinnamon roses by renee m. charles -- erotic vampire stories. not just the typical western vampires, either!

bending by greta christina -- really interesting short kinky erotica, including a story about a unicorn.

philosophy in the dungeon by jack rinella -- an interesting look at philosophy and psychology and magic and kink.

the golden city by j. kathleen cheney -- historical fantasy set in 1902 portugal, where sirens and selkies are real and working as spies! LOVED this.

helen & troy's epic road quest by a. lee martinez -- i actually haven't finished this yet, but so far it's a lighthearted take on mythology in the modern world that i am hell of enjoying. [update: finished it, adore it!]

the long way down by craig schaefer -- a paranormal detective story that had me on the edge of my seat. kind of toby daye-ish in tone, if you like that sort of thing!

the weapon shops of isher by a.e. van vogt -- i liked the ending of this, which is apparently one of the essential works of science fiction.

broad spectrum edited by kimberly long-ewing -- short speculative fiction by women!

beggars in spain by nancy kress -- a science-fiction novella about people who don't have to sleep, which i found a delicious antidote to a lot of libertarian sci-fi.

the twelve houses series by sharon shinn -- this zip file is all five books, unlike the previous one i uploaded, which i think was only the first two. high fantasy with delightful romance.
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