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remembering to post things is so hard, you guys :||| i read my flist all the time, i just forget that, yk, it works both ways!

school is kind of a mess so i'm just going to talk about good things. [personal profile] impertinence talked me around to getting a fountain pen, which is SO MUCH FUN to write with. it's so smooth and flowy and it doesn't hurt my wrist at all and i feel all fancy when i use it *__* also i've been selling a bunch of stuff through my etsy store, to people i don't even know! \o/

and i wrote fic! two complete stories, in fact, since the last time i remembered to update about it. they are both sequels to things i wrote before.

Title: Like a Boy Should Feel
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Jeff Carter/Mike Richards, Jeff Carter/Mike Richards/Original Female Character
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1851
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Summary: A continuation of a previous id-fic, which includes Jeff Carter getting tied up in a lot of rope and Mike Richards giving it to him hard. As before, no redeeming social value, and this time I didn't even bother making someone beta it for me.
Notes: Title from "Coin-Operated Boy" by the Dresden Dolls.

Title: All the Woman I Need
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Patrick Kane/lady!Patrick Sharp
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1866
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Summary: An idea of what might have happened after Patrick Kane scored on the St. Louis Blues, in the world where Patrick Sharp has always been female. (That idea is pegging!)
Notes: betaed by impertinence, encouraged by secretsolitaire, inspired by this gif of kaner & sharpy's goal celebration. hubba hubba. the title comes from "bend me, shape me" by the american breed.

ta-da! and now i'm going to mess around with beads some more \o/
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a little while ago, i mentioned a genderswapped spn fic i'm working on! now you get some pictures: )

i finally gave in and fastened a blanket over my window behind the curtains for insulation (if my landlord asks, all i used was tape), and OH MY GOODNESS, i am so warm *__* my joints work so well *__* after yesterday, when i huddled on the couch in my comforter and cried from the pain, this is seriously a fucking miracle.

I'M SO EXCITED FOR HOCKEY TO START AGAIN!!! i added logos to all the teams on our game chart and alphabetized it, too. sometimes i just sort of stare at it and think about how excited i am to write things on it again. GAMES PLAYED!!! THERE WILL BE GAMES PLAYED!!! AHHHHH
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i wrote And the Greatest of These, Buffy Meissonier/Magdalene Grace Garcia, Newsflesh trilogy, 4320 words, explicit. a yuletide gift for [ profile] sithwitch13, graciously betaed by [ profile] the_magpie, with timeline help from [ profile] shoemaster and cheerleading from [personal profile] impertinence.

i was SO EXCITED when i got my prompts, because it was exactly the kick in the butt i needed to write the buffy/maggie fic that had been kicking around in my head since the second i finished the books \o/ this was so much fun to write :D
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i had a whole long post but it went away :( ANYWAY! YULETIDE!

i got not one but TWO adorable fics:
Getting It Right, sky high, layla and will and warren working out their relationship
Cold and Hot, daria, daria and jane on a snow day

i love them! i was lying on my bed kicking my feet in glee the whole time i read both of them. thank you, mystery authors whose names i will edit into this post when they are revealed!

oh, and i wrote a fic too! guess what i wrote in the following finely-crafted poll, and i will write you a ficlet of your choice. ...yes, i'll automatically write ficlets for my betas, since nobody but me can see the answers so you can't cheat by guessing who read it over for me.

Poll #12425 yuletide!!!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 0

what do you think i wrote?

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finished the paper i had to finish, got in a fight with the scanner, [profile] just_katarin made it work just in time to send in paperwork. now i'm sort of desultorily packing but mostly being like this: @___@

here's a pug puppy in a christmas hat and here's a bunch of my favorite christmas songs, with the track list under the cut. )
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Title: Good Weekend
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Patrick Kane/Patrick Sharp
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 6406
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Summary: In which Patrick Kane abruptly discovers his crush on Patricia Sharp at All-Star Weekend, and there is banging and misunderstandings. Set in a universe where there are ladies in the NHL and it's not a particularly big deal.
Notes: Szabby/Szabados is Shannon Szabados, who, in this universe, the Blackhawks picked up after their cup run and then I made out with her on her face. The title is from the song of the same name by Art Brut (imagine Kaner saying "I've seen her naked twice! I've seen her naked, twice!").

i'm totally posting this now because i have a miserable headache and i want people to tell me i'm pretty. WASH, TELL ME I'M PRETTY?


Dec. 7th, 2012 12:22 am
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i locked all my fic on ao3. i hate it when people do that, so if you want to read any of my fic and don't have an ao3 account, please ask and i'll email it to you or something. you can even ask in an anon comment like "lol i want to read your shitty fic so i can point and laugh" and give me a sock email, whatever, it's cool.
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i feel like the last couple of weeks have just gone WHOOSH, probably because i've been spending upwards of 5 hours a day shadowing in an eighth grade science classroom. most of what i've learned is this: I FUCKING HATE SHADOWING. i might like it better if i were shadowing the real teacher, instead of a student teacher i'm pretty sure i'm better than already, but nah. 25% of my notes are "this is what i'd do if i were him," 25% are notes on the kids' behavior, 25% are the celtic knots i doodle compulsively, and 25% are porn. i'm not proud. (i'm a little proud.)

the time i haven't been spending either shadowing, tutoring, or in class, i've been spending making jewelry & prayer beads at my etsy shop! it's really fun and lets my brain sort of chill, which it needs because i haven't managed to install a fan in my skull like the one in my laptop. YET.

i'm uploading a playlist for harmony junkies, because [personal profile] go_gentle reminded me of how great it was when boy bands had harmonies. i cut it down from 650 songs to 98. i think i have a problem /o\ so here's the playlist folder (in case you don't want to download almost a hundred songs at once for some reason), and if you want more of almost any of the artists/groups, i can probably make that happen!

my first yuletide proceeds apace! i've gone over the canon again quickly and written almost 3000 words \o/ i have at least another thousand to go, mostly the parts that require more concentration (shocker), but i'm having fun. i'm also working on, like, five other fics at the same time, because why do one thing when you can do a zillion?

whoa, i just looked up the dw-specific tags, and did you know there's like a MILLION places you can specify?? if you were wondering, i'm [ profile] angelsaves, [ profile] ubenetsenu, [ profile] angelsaves, [ profile] ubenetsenu, [ profile] angelsaves, and [ profile] chloehasalotoffeelings. whoa @__@

WHAT ARE YOU UP TO, FRIENDS??? i mean, i know because i read lj all the time, even though i never comment on it because by the time i have time, either i'm asleep or i've forgotten what i was going to say :( but tell me anyway!
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i'm making a turkey!!! this can go wrong in so many ways :D:

i'm thankful for friends (yes you) and family and cats and ebay and schools and science and weird people who make science videos to post on youtube! here is a selection of that last one: dogs teaching chemistry: chemical bonds, dan radcliffe singing tom lehrer's elements song, 16 golden retrievers + atom = SCIENCE!!!, and three by the slow mo guys: exploding a watermelon with rubber bands, diving through a diet coke + mentos explosion, aaaaaand exploding a condom by wearing it as a hat.
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so i guess i make wire jewelry now! i made this pro-choice rosary for katarin, and these prayer beads for myself (SUPER great for fidgeting with), and a holy family chaplet for my mom that it would take too much effort to take a picture of right now. i'm having fun making these things!

here is the question: uh, would people give me dollars to make them things like these? i have an account at fire mountain gems, and i enjoy wandering around michael's and finding charms & stuff, so if anybody likes the look of these things and wants wire-wrapped jewelry/rosaries/prayer beads/fidgeting beads/whatnot, let me know???

okay well chloe needs petting now sooooo i better go
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i'm sort of working on a genderswapped supernatural fic (even though i was never in the fandom? idk, man), and in the service of this idea, i went on a quest to find versions of the songs from the first season by female artists. i got twelve of them, and now you can have them too! songs and artists under the cut )

chloe's favorite thing lately is listening to imp and/or katarin rant about things. it doesn't seem to matter what, but she'll lie there, happily biden-eyesing and showing her tummy, like it's soothing. >:3

i'm so excited about yuletide!!! i accidentally typed that as "sexcited." yes, i am planning on writing porn, thank you, fingers. i have PLANS. they are secret plans, though, shared only with the entire northbound platform at the belmont stop after we went to cheesies last night. (when the train finally came, it was CRAMMED, so instead katarin and i took a taxi and argued about whether miss zarves taught on the 13th floor or the 19th. [19th, DUH!!!] the driver judged us really hard, and we judged him right back.)

now we're watching numb3rs, and i'm really into david krumholtz being a twitchy weirdo genius. i appreciate how much that dude grew into his face. when did it happen, exactly? is there still time for it to happen to me? also i ship him and his brother REALLY HARD and we've only watched like half an episode, goodness gracious.

anyway those are all the thoughts i had in my head, so here you go, i guess? HI FRIENDS. TALK TO ME!


Oct. 30th, 2012 05:05 pm
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OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GUYS! podficced my lady!brioux fic AND IT'S AMAZING!!! like, seriously, i just listened to it, and i swear it's funnier and hotter when she reads it than it was when i wrote it. i feel kind of vain for how much i love it??? ANYWAY IF YOU LIKE PODFIC YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO IT!!!
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i wrote completely shameless id-fic, so if you want porn with no redeeming social value or even mentions of hockey that i wrote mostly during my intro to teaching seminar, um, now you can read that.

speaking of which, i start my field experience tomorrow, and i am HORRENDOUSLY nervous, so good wishes would be appreciated /o\
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for my non-hockey-obsessed friends, i found OTHER MOOSE ACTIVITIES! i could make the soccer moose into a flying superhero moose, for instance? the patterns are a buck fifty and cute so i am OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

and here is the brian regan bit that explains why i say "moosen"!

i don't really hate all old people, but...
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oh man, you guys, i'm making a friend of mine a cross-stitch hockey playing moose pillow, and it's so much fun i want to make them for everybody. it's fun even though i am ABANDONING MY PRINCIPLES to make hers a canucks fan, oh my goodness. anyway, i made a poll to fill out if you guys want moosen of your own o____o and then i'll make them! (note: i like sneaking good luck charms into pillows i make, so if there's something in particular you need luck for -- getting a job, falling in love, protection, whatever -- i can tailor it towards that. don't worry, it'll still be machine washable.) OH I FORGOT! a link to what it looks like

a whole team of moosen? )
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so, my mom is in a sweet adeline chorus, and they're going to the international competition soon. this year, it's in DENVER [i typed dallas at first. what?]! ...and all these connecticut ladies are LOSING THEIR MINDS about singing at high altitude. (i don't blame them, considering the smoky mountains got me high as balls.) one of the ladies in the chorus, helen, is incredibly sweet and smart, but also kind of from mars. and that is the background you need for the funniest email ever )
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Title: I Put a Spell on You
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Sidney Crosby/Alex Ovechkin
Rating: R
Word Count: ~2900
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Warnings: sex pollen!
Summary: Sidney Crosby takes candy from a fan in D.C., and ends up feeling... weird. Alex Ovechkin is only too happy to help him out with his problem. (Sex pollen scenario.)
Notes: For [ profile] athenejen's prompt "simple solution" (I didn't use the actual words, but the sentiment is there). Takes place in an alternate universe where a) the 2012-13 season is underway by Halloween, 2) star players sign posters before games, and C) hockey fans can put sex pollen in peanut butter cups.
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okay, so we marathoned all of the LA complex this weekend! and now i am absolutely DESPERATE for either a) a fic where jen and eric keep connor as a pet and tell him he's a good boy and fuck him silly, or 2) a vid of the same thing, set to "she and us pets" by the dirt daubers. it's secretly all he wants *__*

on the one hand, the new online system for signing up for tutoring hours is awesome: it's visually clear exactly when you've been booked. on the other hand, it's really easy to see that nobody has signed up for bio tutoring yet, so i'm probably going to be sitting there alone again >:| come on, guys, throw me a bone! pretend you're having trouble!

here's a meme )
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