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so that was a pretty good weekend i had \o/ and metricjulie was really nice to me on twitter, and now the bird i swallowed to catch the spider i swallowed to catch the fly meds for the side effects of my meds have kicked in, so BASICALLY i'm in a pretty good mood.

anyway, i have a soundtrack for when i'm working on stories in the universe where there are ladies in the nhl, and i thought people might be interested!
song list and links )

my brother isn't actually going to be here for our open bar this weekend :( he thought he told me, but he didn't. he's only going to be here from monday evening to wednesday evening. IT'LL BE GREAT, THOUGH. if any locals have high shelves they need reached or lightbulbs they need changed or trees they need imitated or such things, let me know; i'm willing to rent him out for the low low price of a couple of drinks or something.

also, this happened, so i'm never sleeping again o________o
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idk, today is a day for photographic inspiration! here are a bunch of pictures of and quotes about mobsters, associated ladies, and their dogs.

cut for a whole bunch of pictures )
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i fell down the rabbit hole of image searching scarlett johansson, so here are some of the ones that most remind me of bobbi ryan how she is in my head:
don't click on this on your smartphone, you've been warned )
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anyway, tell me something good! or tell me a story! or ask me to tell you a story!
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Title: We're Only Liars (But We're the Best)
Pairing/teams: Patrick Sharp/Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Words: 7243
Summary: Sharpy, dashing mobster-about-town, has much better things to do with his time than think about the crush he definitely doesn't have on Kaner and Tazer. ...Probably.
Warnings: light bondage, minor violence, and insults to the honor of the Phoenix Coyotes
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she told me to sit in a corner and think about what i've done.

you know what i think? )

in other news, i have about 6500 words of mafia AU sequel (sharpy/kaner/tazer)! it's not quite done. i thought i was going to finish it tonight while i watched the rangers/devils game, but i reached the level of distraction where somebody was going to wander away from a sex scene for a snack or develop an extra hand or two, so i quit for the night. i lead a VERY exciting life, especially when [ profile] just_katarin is away. i'm probably going to be asleep again before midnight \o/

names are hard, my mom is the best )
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my baby brother graduated from college!!! here's a picture: )

my parents were like YOU WERE BASICALLY A SUPERHERO THIS WEEKEND, because i did a really good job of pretending i wasn't in horrible miserable pain the whole time \o/ i still had to take a lot of nap breaks, but oh well. and when mom was finding her father's pocketwatch to give johnny, she found the necklace her mother promised me for MY graduation, so now i have a swishy fish necklace \o/

i'm working on a sequel to the mafia AU! i posted bits of it already, and i've been copypastaing more to imp in IM because i can't make people suck less in reality, but i can make patrick sharp be a doofus in fic!

a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you've ever wondered how to summarize casa de this land, here's another picture: )

i slept through the test i was supposed to take :| i feel bad because i should have realized sooner that this just wasn't going to happen, but i also feel like it's too late to feel super guilty. it happened, now we deal.

what are you up to, lj?
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are any of you (or people you know) particular fans of shane o'brien? i REALLY wanted the kevin "killer" kaminski bobblehead, and he came with a friend i guess. if you want him, let me know and we'll figure out how to get him to you!

i did way too much today BUT tomorrow i'm starting tranexamic acid, so someday i will be a functioning human again! chloe's enjoying the basically-bedridden version of me, though (shocking, i know), since she gets ALL of the petting. i'm just hoping i'll be in better shape by the weekend, because my baby brother is graduating from college, oh my goodness. maybe i'll re-dye my hair, so if i'm an exhausted shell of myself, i'll at least be an exhausted shell of myself with freshly hot pink hair?

jinxology with mom )

ugh i have to lie down and feel sorry for myself now. later, bros
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i've only been working on this since, like, all-star weekend /o\

laugh about it, brière/giroux, almost 3000 words, rated M, loosely inspired by "mrs. robinson" by simon & garfunkel.

i can't believe i'm the first person to tag jaromir jagr as a character. REALLY?

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well that game was sad to watch :( i srsly almost teared up when claude giroux came down from the press box for the handshake line. that was well done, sir. i probably would have thrown a tantrum and then tried to sneak out to the parking lot before anybody could talk to me, in your shoes.

sometimes i read super old issues of the journal of american folklore for fun )

idk, man. i've been in a very weird and energy-less mood the past couple of days, because tmi ahoy ), so i've been doing brainless things like coloring pages from the d&d coloring book and finishing my ancestor shrine and such. (i guess that doesn't SOUND brainless, but all that was left was arranging the pictures and then putting it on top of the shelf where it goes without everything falling out!)

maybe tomorrow i'll have the energy/brain cells/wrist function to write more?? that would be good. i have IDEAS.
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i got my last rejection letter yesterday. i also sent in my application to a master of arts in teaching program, so those kind of balance out, i guess?

have i mentioned i'm doing a CHALLENGE? you should sign up for it. i'll give you three random songs for inspiration, and then you can write stuff more or less based on it, and it'll be great! there's no deadline, unless you need a deadline, in which case you have exactly one week.

also the predators won! and the rangers and capitals went to a THIRD overtime, oh my goodness, that is a lot of hockey right there. ryan mcdonough had approximately three weeks on ice; stu bickell had less than four minutes. ouch.

in which my mother and i discuss the kings, adorability thereof )

talk to me, lj, i'm bored and lonely :(
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killing two birds with one stone: when bobbi first meets getzy/bobbi in her rookie year for [ profile] go_gentle/[ profile] diora1 (after this, she scores a natural hat trick \o/)


so i was thinking about this during my commute and actually remembered it once i got out of the car: if i did a challenge where you got 3 songs and had to write a fic inspired by one or more of them, would you be interested? it'd probably be, like, ≤1000 words or so. THOUGHTS?

[ profile] just_katarin has been making coconut margaritas. how i explained them to my mom: )

my left eyelid has been twitching for like a week, MAKE IT STOP

YEAAAAH BRANDON YIP!!! GO PREDS!!! my favorite part of the playoffs might be bandwagoning different teams really enthusiastically. i totally love the predators because i sang in their arena once, and also because their radio station is A+++. i listened to it when i was driving back from my brother's recital, and there was a commercial from nissan being like "so we have a lot of employees who are predators fans! officially, we do not sanction throwing anything on the ice, since that's against the rules. unofficially, we recommend lemon juice for geting the smell of fish off your hands :D"

speaking of my brother's recital, this is the song i wanted them to dress up as mike richards and jeff carter for: "au fond du temple saint," from les pêcheurs de perles, performed by my baby brother (the bass) and his friend phil (the tenor). yes, the lyrics ARE basically "it's guy love between two guys." occasionally, during the actual recital, i would close my eyes and imagine they had taken our advice and worn purple hockey jerseys and blacked out a tooth, and it was glorious. GLORIOUS.
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i'm rereading strange but true hockey stories, copyright 1970, which is HILARIOUS. some of the funny parts are unintentional, like the author's daring suggestion that now that guys like phil esposito and bobby orr have broken the 100-point ceiling, perhaps one day a player will reach 150 points in a season! (the current record is 215 not counting playoffs, 255 counting them, held by wayne gretzky.)

some of it is definitely on purpose, though, like "the case of the loose goose," a 1943 feud between red dutton (then-president of the nhl), john digby chick (then-vice president of the nhl), vern degeer, and jim coleman (both sportswriters). dutton promised the sportswriters of canada a dozen ducks after a hunting expedition and never delivered, for which they teased him mercilessly. then he smuggled a dead duck into degeer's suitcase, and his wife was NOT impressed. to get even, degeer ended up borrowing a grocer's pet goose named mildred:

"We had Wasserman wrap Mildred up in paper," says DeGeer. "When he got finished, she looked more like a bouquet of flowers than a goose."

Having determined that Dutton was not in his room, Coleman persuaded the assistant manager to give him the NHL president's room key. Meanwhile, Mildred remained silent in her wrapping. "She was perfectly behaved until we got into the elevator," says Coleman... "But the elevator was crowded and, once it started, she stuck out her beak and nudged a stout lady standing directly in front of DeGeer."

The embarrassed DeGeer stuttered an apology, but he was mute when Mildred gave the unsuspecting woman a second nudge and this time accompanied it with a long, low hiss. "The lady turned and gave DeGeer a searching look," says Coleman. "Then she smiled faintly. I attributed the smile to the wartime manpower shortage in Toronto."

later, when mildred was chilling in the bathtub, chick came back a few sheets to the wind, and she stuck out her beak and bit him. when he called management to be like "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GOOSE DOING IN MY ROOM," they told him to take an aspirin with a large glass of water and go to sleep. BUT IT WAS A REAL GOOSE!!!

so basically i'm kicking my feet with glee. i'd like to get a goose to bite gary bettman.

fic post

Apr. 22nd, 2012 12:42 am
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MOAR BOBBI/GETZY, in which the evil volcano priest ties indiana jane up with her own whip:
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here are links to the timestamp story bits people asked for!

three years after the Marchy/Segs catbros fics for [ profile] doctor_denmark
six months after the mob AU for [ profile] sociofemme (to be continued)
two years after the bobbi/getzy phone sex fic for [ profile] impertinence
two and a half weeks after the Duncs/Seabs sex magic one for [ profile] shihadchick

this was fun :D feel free to ask for more! (right now i'm working on getzy tying up bobbi "indiana jane" ryan with her own whip, though >:D)


Apr. 16th, 2012 06:18 pm
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it's dumb to be obsessed with a character i made up, but WHATEVER, i just really like the idea of bobbi ryan wearing this "indiana jane" costume for halloween. she'd be like GETZY LOOK IT COMES WITH A WHIP :D? :D? >:D?
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oh hey i've written enough stories for this to be a legit thing for me to do!
Give me one of my stories and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

i'm seeing my family this weekend, so have some mom-versations: )

I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR PLAYOFFS!!! oh gosh. this picture is my entire life now. (and this time i didn't get confused about whether i was a hrefing or img srcing halfway through, go me!) I JUST WANT ALL OF THE HOCKEY. AND ALL OF THE FIGHTS. AND POSSIBLY A MARGARITA. i need to put a pillow over my head now


Apr. 7th, 2012 09:59 pm
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situational depression != clinical depression. they're different! and saying they are the same is very likely to make people with clinical mental health problems want to punch you in the head! i don't want people to want to punch me in the head, and neither should you. the end

ETA 4/8/12 11:52 -- i'm going to add some links i dropped in the comments to imp's post to make this one more informative and less abrupt.

here )


Apr. 6th, 2012 01:44 pm
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maybe i'll do that "my week in pictures" thing! or maybe i'll just show you MY BARGAINS!!! )

best thing about catholic school: getting maundy thursday and good friday off \o/ i slept so late, and then i've spent the day editing babysitter jeff (:O) and sniping eBay auctions nobody else has bid on. except then i got sniped back and somebody else won the bruce boudreau bobblehead :( :( :( but i won the mark messier one! and the present for my mom shhhhh don't tell.

okay now i have to shower and do some laundry and useful things like that bye


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