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idk, today is a day for photographic inspiration! here are a bunch of pictures of and quotes about mobsters, associated ladies, and their dogs.

cut for a whole bunch of pictures )
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anyway, tell me something good! or tell me a story! or ask me to tell you a story!
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Title: We're Only Liars (But We're the Best)
Pairing/teams: Patrick Sharp/Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Words: 7243
Summary: Sharpy, dashing mobster-about-town, has much better things to do with his time than think about the crush he definitely doesn't have on Kaner and Tazer. ...Probably.
Warnings: light bondage, minor violence, and insults to the honor of the Phoenix Coyotes
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she told me to sit in a corner and think about what i've done.

you know what i think? )

in other news, i have about 6500 words of mafia AU sequel (sharpy/kaner/tazer)! it's not quite done. i thought i was going to finish it tonight while i watched the rangers/devils game, but i reached the level of distraction where somebody was going to wander away from a sex scene for a snack or develop an extra hand or two, so i quit for the night. i lead a VERY exciting life, especially when [ profile] just_katarin is away. i'm probably going to be asleep again before midnight \o/

names are hard, my mom is the best )
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i've only been working on this since, like, all-star weekend /o\

laugh about it, brière/giroux, almost 3000 words, rated M, loosely inspired by "mrs. robinson" by simon & garfunkel.

i can't believe i'm the first person to tag jaromir jagr as a character. REALLY?

in non-fic news )
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we saw avengers yesterday! i really loved it (even though, for several reasons, i had to pretend they were in a city that wasn't new york). the hulk is my soulbro. i'm going to practice doing my eye makeup to look like him: see the post i reblogged about avengers eye makeup.

and then i wrote fic about black widow! it crosses over with the losers, leverage, and d.e.b.s., because i'm great: it's sort of inspired by "three times a lady," so now there are FOUR WHOLE FICS in my challenge \o/ basically this is me going SEE HOW MUCH EVERYBODY LOVES NATASHA???? THIS IS CORRECT.

two hockey games today \o/ my toenails are purple with gold glitter for LUCK.
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killing two birds with one stone: when bobbi first meets getzy/bobbi in her rookie year for [ profile] go_gentle/[ profile] diora1 (after this, she scores a natural hat trick \o/)


so i was thinking about this during my commute and actually remembered it once i got out of the car: if i did a challenge where you got 3 songs and had to write a fic inspired by one or more of them, would you be interested? it'd probably be, like, ≤1000 words or so. THOUGHTS?

[ profile] just_katarin has been making coconut margaritas. how i explained them to my mom: )

my left eyelid has been twitching for like a week, MAKE IT STOP

YEAAAAH BRANDON YIP!!! GO PREDS!!! my favorite part of the playoffs might be bandwagoning different teams really enthusiastically. i totally love the predators because i sang in their arena once, and also because their radio station is A+++. i listened to it when i was driving back from my brother's recital, and there was a commercial from nissan being like "so we have a lot of employees who are predators fans! officially, we do not sanction throwing anything on the ice, since that's against the rules. unofficially, we recommend lemon juice for geting the smell of fish off your hands :D"

speaking of my brother's recital, this is the song i wanted them to dress up as mike richards and jeff carter for: "au fond du temple saint," from les pêcheurs de perles, performed by my baby brother (the bass) and his friend phil (the tenor). yes, the lyrics ARE basically "it's guy love between two guys." occasionally, during the actual recital, i would close my eyes and imagine they had taken our advice and worn purple hockey jerseys and blacked out a tooth, and it was glorious. GLORIOUS.

fic post

Apr. 22nd, 2012 12:42 am
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MOAR BOBBI/GETZY, in which the evil volcano priest ties indiana jane up with her own whip:
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here are links to the timestamp story bits people asked for!

three years after the Marchy/Segs catbros fics for [ profile] doctor_denmark
six months after the mob AU for [ profile] sociofemme (to be continued)
two years after the bobbi/getzy phone sex fic for [ profile] impertinence
two and a half weeks after the Duncs/Seabs sex magic one for [ profile] shihadchick

this was fun :D feel free to ask for more! (right now i'm working on getzy tying up bobbi "indiana jane" ryan with her own whip, though >:D)


Apr. 16th, 2012 06:18 pm
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it's dumb to be obsessed with a character i made up, but WHATEVER, i just really like the idea of bobbi ryan wearing this "indiana jane" costume for halloween. she'd be like GETZY LOOK IT COMES WITH A WHIP :D? :D? >:D?
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oh hey i've written enough stories for this to be a legit thing for me to do!
Give me one of my stories and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

i'm seeing my family this weekend, so have some mom-versations: )

I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR PLAYOFFS!!! oh gosh. this picture is my entire life now. (and this time i didn't get confused about whether i was a hrefing or img srcing halfway through, go me!) I JUST WANT ALL OF THE HOCKEY. AND ALL OF THE FIGHTS. AND POSSIBLY A MARGARITA. i need to put a pillow over my head now
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Title: Gray in the Dark
Author: [ profile] angelsaves
Pairing/teams: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Words: 9115
Summary: In which Sidney finds out that Geno is a werecat, and that he... kind of has these strange... feelings. Well, it's something to think about besides his stupid concussion, right?
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...i wrote more bobbi/getzy! well. the document on my computer is still called "bobbi/banana," so, uh, now you know what you're getting into.

Title: Really Really Really Wanna (Zigazag Ha!)
Author: [ profile] angelsaves
Pairing/teams: Bobbi Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf (always-a-girl Bobby), Anaheim Ducks
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Words: 2252
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why can't i be a cyborg yet? i would make SUCH an excellent cyborg, you guys. seriously. i'm waiting.


i wrote some commentfic! a little bit of cat-bros, "Duncs turns into a small animal and Seabs takes care of him", and bobby ryan paying getzy back for lunch (spoiler: not with money)

derek boogaard gives me a lot of feelings. it's taken me months to read the whole series of articles, and i still haven't quite made it through his notes. i just... SO MANY PEOPLE failed him, and i want to be part of keeping that from happening to anybody else. fucking DOZENS of doctors, all working for the same team, none of them communicating with each other about what they're prescribing. people hiding injuries. people letting kids feel like the only worth they have is how much they can hurt people. NO.

i finally decided to withdraw from the stupid class i've been bitching about, which means i have plenty of time to spelling&grammar beta imp's magnum opus \o/

my hair is the color of raspberry sangria wine slush now. relatedly, i really want to drink some raspberry sangria wine slush. and also say "raspberry sangria wine slush" a few more times

EDITED TO ADD (21:15): i was inspired by the beauty of nhl 36: mike richards to make ART. cut to avoid blinding you with the wonder of it all )
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it's porn about bobbi ryan (always a girl) and ryan getzlaf. there's mention of past bobbi ryan/trish kane. this is all imp's fault \o/


Feb. 14th, 2012 08:26 pm
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i want to do that prompt meme now! give me prompts and i'll write them (maybe not until i'm sober though?)
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bullet points? bullet points. )

here is a poem i'm obsessed with lately (i wrote it on my arm in sharpie):

Time does go on --
I tell it gay to those who suffer now --
They shall survive --
There is a sun --
They don't believe it now --

(emily dickinson 1121)

now have a story in pictures about tyler seguin time-traveling )

ilu, lj o___o
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Title: Open Hearts
Author: [ profile] angelsaves
Pairing/teams: Claude Giroux/Danny Briere (Philadelphia Flyers)
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: don't google yourself
Words: 2058

i wrote this for [ profile] pass_shoot_porn, with the prompt "promised me a good time in your town" from [ profile] chronocides. i googled it and found the song "introduce this to your parents" by into. it. then i wrote about those necklaces that look like butts \o/
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i'm thankful for all of you, and my family, and delicious food, and pens that don't leak, and red bull, and medication, and tv shows i wasn't expecting to like (i didn't think i'd ever want to watch walking dead, and then i found myself bouncing up and down gleefully and yelling at the characters while i stuffed myself with cranberries. okay!), and cats, and comfy skirts, and HOCKEY

speaking of hockey, i wrote a story where duncs and seabs do sex magic to fix the blackhawks!
"bet that i can make you believe", at ao3. nobody betaed it, but [ profile] way2busymom is a great cheerleader! *\o/*


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