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idk, today is a day for photographic inspiration! here are a bunch of pictures of and quotes about mobsters, associated ladies, and their dogs.

cut for a whole bunch of pictures )
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i fell down the rabbit hole of image searching scarlett johansson, so here are some of the ones that most remind me of bobbi ryan how she is in my head:
don't click on this on your smartphone, you've been warned )
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anyway, tell me something good! or tell me a story! or ask me to tell you a story!
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she told me to sit in a corner and think about what i've done.

you know what i think? )

in other news, i have about 6500 words of mafia AU sequel (sharpy/kaner/tazer)! it's not quite done. i thought i was going to finish it tonight while i watched the rangers/devils game, but i reached the level of distraction where somebody was going to wander away from a sex scene for a snack or develop an extra hand or two, so i quit for the night. i lead a VERY exciting life, especially when [ profile] just_katarin is away. i'm probably going to be asleep again before midnight \o/

names are hard, my mom is the best )
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my baby brother graduated from college!!! here's a picture: )

my parents were like YOU WERE BASICALLY A SUPERHERO THIS WEEKEND, because i did a really good job of pretending i wasn't in horrible miserable pain the whole time \o/ i still had to take a lot of nap breaks, but oh well. and when mom was finding her father's pocketwatch to give johnny, she found the necklace her mother promised me for MY graduation, so now i have a swishy fish necklace \o/

i'm working on a sequel to the mafia AU! i posted bits of it already, and i've been copypastaing more to imp in IM because i can't make people suck less in reality, but i can make patrick sharp be a doofus in fic!

a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you've ever wondered how to summarize casa de this land, here's another picture: )

i slept through the test i was supposed to take :| i feel bad because i should have realized sooner that this just wasn't going to happen, but i also feel like it's too late to feel super guilty. it happened, now we deal.

what are you up to, lj?
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are any of you (or people you know) particular fans of shane o'brien? i REALLY wanted the kevin "killer" kaminski bobblehead, and he came with a friend i guess. if you want him, let me know and we'll figure out how to get him to you!

i did way too much today BUT tomorrow i'm starting tranexamic acid, so someday i will be a functioning human again! chloe's enjoying the basically-bedridden version of me, though (shocking, i know), since she gets ALL of the petting. i'm just hoping i'll be in better shape by the weekend, because my baby brother is graduating from college, oh my goodness. maybe i'll re-dye my hair, so if i'm an exhausted shell of myself, i'll at least be an exhausted shell of myself with freshly hot pink hair?

jinxology with mom )

ugh i have to lie down and feel sorry for myself now. later, bros
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hello livejournal, i am suddenly obsessed with wolves and jackals and coyotes and figuring out what canid species/subspecies people would be if they were werewolves.

i'm posting this here so i can stop annoying imp and my mom with all my pictures )
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well that game was sad to watch :( i srsly almost teared up when claude giroux came down from the press box for the handshake line. that was well done, sir. i probably would have thrown a tantrum and then tried to sneak out to the parking lot before anybody could talk to me, in your shoes.

sometimes i read super old issues of the journal of american folklore for fun )

idk, man. i've been in a very weird and energy-less mood the past couple of days, because tmi ahoy ), so i've been doing brainless things like coloring pages from the d&d coloring book and finishing my ancestor shrine and such. (i guess that doesn't SOUND brainless, but all that was left was arranging the pictures and then putting it on top of the shelf where it goes without everything falling out!)

maybe tomorrow i'll have the energy/brain cells/wrist function to write more?? that would be good. i have IDEAS.
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we saw avengers yesterday! i really loved it (even though, for several reasons, i had to pretend they were in a city that wasn't new york). the hulk is my soulbro. i'm going to practice doing my eye makeup to look like him: see the post i reblogged about avengers eye makeup.

and then i wrote fic about black widow! it crosses over with the losers, leverage, and d.e.b.s., because i'm great: it's sort of inspired by "three times a lady," so now there are FOUR WHOLE FICS in my challenge \o/ basically this is me going SEE HOW MUCH EVERYBODY LOVES NATASHA???? THIS IS CORRECT.

two hockey games today \o/ my toenails are purple with gold glitter for LUCK.
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i got my last rejection letter yesterday. i also sent in my application to a master of arts in teaching program, so those kind of balance out, i guess?

have i mentioned i'm doing a CHALLENGE? you should sign up for it. i'll give you three random songs for inspiration, and then you can write stuff more or less based on it, and it'll be great! there's no deadline, unless you need a deadline, in which case you have exactly one week.

also the predators won! and the rangers and capitals went to a THIRD overtime, oh my goodness, that is a lot of hockey right there. ryan mcdonough had approximately three weeks on ice; stu bickell had less than four minutes. ouch.

in which my mother and i discuss the kings, adorability thereof )

talk to me, lj, i'm bored and lonely :(


Apr. 16th, 2012 06:18 pm
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it's dumb to be obsessed with a character i made up, but WHATEVER, i just really like the idea of bobbi ryan wearing this "indiana jane" costume for halloween. she'd be like GETZY LOOK IT COMES WITH A WHIP :D? :D? >:D?


Apr. 6th, 2012 01:44 pm
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maybe i'll do that "my week in pictures" thing! or maybe i'll just show you MY BARGAINS!!! )

best thing about catholic school: getting maundy thursday and good friday off \o/ i slept so late, and then i've spent the day editing babysitter jeff (:O) and sniping eBay auctions nobody else has bid on. except then i got sniped back and somebody else won the bruce boudreau bobblehead :( :( :( but i won the mark messier one! and the present for my mom shhhhh don't tell.

okay now i have to shower and do some laundry and useful things like that bye
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conversations with my mother, part crystal-blue persuasion )

i won a bobblehead for my serious face!!! srsly srs ) somebody asked if that was a dead body behind me, and i said it was a Serious Afghan... that may or may not be wrapped around the body of daniel sedin >:|

someday i'll be a person.
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cut for how i got on the subject )

and THEN i got to this 1922 newspaper, which mentions the CHARLOTTETOWN ABEGWEIT SISTERS and SUMMERSIDE CRYSTAL SISTERS!!! a showcase for female hockey talent! )

TALK TO ME ABOUT LADIES PLAYING HOCKEY! i want all of the historical AUs and fic about these ladies and and and i don't even know. *__*

i had a Day

Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:52 pm
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so yesterday i had a vicious hell-migraine that refused to go away. i woke up pretty chipper this morning, though! and then i had to go to work, where i helped one of my students write a paper (??? how does this keep happening to me? i'm a SCIENCE TUTOR) and maybe wrote non-school-like things where she couldn't see, and then after THAT it was time to drive to greencastle, indiana to see my family for the weekend! my brother's in an opera.

there was one little problem with the driving through indiana. cut for diagrams )

i don't think i was ever in actual DANGER -- i didn't see any real funnel clouds, just places where the dark greenish clouds got suspiciously pointy -- but if i had been, i don't know what i would have done besides try to drive into a ditch in a controlled manner. as it was, it was fucking exhausting, so i was really glad that i was late enough that my parents were like "how about we leave a key for you at the hotel and you just drive right there?"

so now i am flopped on the bed, having listened to the wgn radio feed of the BLACKHAWKS WINNING!!! there are birthday presents for me on the desk. o____o

how are you, flist?
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why can't i be a cyborg yet? i would make SUCH an excellent cyborg, you guys. seriously. i'm waiting.


i wrote some commentfic! a little bit of cat-bros, "Duncs turns into a small animal and Seabs takes care of him", and bobby ryan paying getzy back for lunch (spoiler: not with money)

derek boogaard gives me a lot of feelings. it's taken me months to read the whole series of articles, and i still haven't quite made it through his notes. i just... SO MANY PEOPLE failed him, and i want to be part of keeping that from happening to anybody else. fucking DOZENS of doctors, all working for the same team, none of them communicating with each other about what they're prescribing. people hiding injuries. people letting kids feel like the only worth they have is how much they can hurt people. NO.

i finally decided to withdraw from the stupid class i've been bitching about, which means i have plenty of time to spelling&grammar beta imp's magnum opus \o/

my hair is the color of raspberry sangria wine slush now. relatedly, i really want to drink some raspberry sangria wine slush. and also say "raspberry sangria wine slush" a few more times

EDITED TO ADD (21:15): i was inspired by the beauty of nhl 36: mike richards to make ART. cut to avoid blinding you with the wonder of it all )
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bullet points? bullet points. )

here is a poem i'm obsessed with lately (i wrote it on my arm in sharpie):

Time does go on --
I tell it gay to those who suffer now --
They shall survive --
There is a sun --
They don't believe it now --

(emily dickinson 1121)

now have a story in pictures about tyler seguin time-traveling )

ilu, lj o___o
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i blame [ profile] shihadchick for this. somebody should probably delete seashore off my computer

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