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Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"She fell to her knees, spitting and cursing at us." -the eBook of World War Z. ...sounds legit.

so much snow @_@ the trees outside look like yogurt pretzels.

the most annoying thing about my old lady wrists is definitely that it's hard to write longhand when the barometric pressure is dropping like this, and i have trouble not getting super embarrassed by my own writing when it's on the computer. maybe i can find a font that's as illegible as my handwriting.

hey, the all star game roster was released! let's start taking bets on what the breakout pairings will be this year. shea weber/gabriel landeskog, just because that's a really nice mental image? tyler seguin/patrick kane/ryan nugent-hopkins, in which segs and kaner decide they're going to teach the rookie how to party, and then ovi finds them fast asleep under a table in varying states of undress at, like, 11pm? marian hossa/henrik lundqvist where they're like "hey, you're an incredibly talented european player who's way too cool for drama and/or beer bongs? me too! let's have athletic sex"? gen fic in which corey perry and other corey perry confuse phil kessel's head for an actual potato?
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i'm thankful for all of you, and my family, and delicious food, and pens that don't leak, and red bull, and medication, and tv shows i wasn't expecting to like (i didn't think i'd ever want to watch walking dead, and then i found myself bouncing up and down gleefully and yelling at the characters while i stuffed myself with cranberries. okay!), and cats, and comfy skirts, and HOCKEY

speaking of hockey, i wrote a story where duncs and seabs do sex magic to fix the blackhawks!
"bet that i can make you believe", at ao3. nobody betaed it, but [ profile] way2busymom is a great cheerleader! *\o/*


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